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Our Facility

The All Star Wrestling Club is located on the corner of the All Star Toyota lot at 9324 Airline Highway, just down from the corner of Goodwood Boulevard and Airline Highway.

The facility has a competition sized 42 x 40 foot mat, free weights, other gym machines and a video room for viewing technique videos. Most of our facility, including the building, the mat, the weights, and other necessary items have been donated by generous individuals who recognize the value our program brings to the sport and the community.

An All Wrestling Facility


All Star Wrestling Club was created in Spring 2013 as a place for all wrestlers in the Baton Rouge area to have an opportunity to work out and train in a safe and inexpensive place in an all wrestling facility.

The cost of membership is $90 per year, which includes as part of their enrollment fee a USA Wrestling Competitor card, which allows them to compete in all USA Wrestling tournaments. Participation in tournaments is offered and encouraged, but not mandatory.

Wrestlers have the opportunity to compete in local and state wide tournaments representing Al
l Star Wrestling Club.  Those who qualify may compete in national tournaments representing the State of Louisiana on the Louisiana National Team.

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